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The Twelve Chosen Disciples

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Many Christians are unable to give the names, or many details, of Jesus' twelve disciples and yet we can we learn many lessons from their lives.  Each of them had his own personality but Jesus was able to change and use them in the services of the Kingdom of God.  They had faults like we do.  They were a mixed bunch of people, each with their own gifts and struggles.  God calls all sorts of people, and we cannot forget that Jesus was selecting men for a leadership role inthe early church.  we can use the example of the apostles to inspire and teach us.
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Inspired by material concerning the Twelve discipleswhich he has assembled from the four gospels, and in interaction with other scripture texts and some ancient traditions, Ian Fleck in this series of meditations has suceeded in deriving, from the lives of Jesus' chosen followers, challenging, inspirational and practical lessons for readers to apply in discipleship of Christ today.  Rev. Dr Gordon Campbell