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Michael W Smith - Worship

posted 24 Jan 2011, 10:05 by Cornerstone Bookshop
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Michael W. Smith - Worship CD
On a rainy June evening, Michael joined nearly 10,000 worshippers including Amy Grant, Shaun Groves, Darwin Hobbs, Greg Long, Cindy Morgan, Phillips, Craig & Dean, Ginny Owens, Chris Rice and Mark Schultz at Carpenter's Home Church in Lakeland, FL to record the album that has been on his heart for over five years. Leading worship is nothing new to Michael. His songs "Great is the Lord" and "Thy Word" are included in most hymnals, and the Smitty-penned "Agnus Dei" is popular in most modern worship circles. Michael describes how he chose the songs by saying, "It's always been my goal, if I did the record, to pick the twelve songs that just slay you." And that's what he did. From "Let It Rain" to "Heart Of Worship" Michael leads with a sense of humility, shedding all pride. "This is not about me," says Michael. "We did this to worship God."