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Reviews & Recommendations

Reviews & Recommendations

God's Politics

Article by: Jim Wallis

Why the American Right gets it wrong and the Left don't get it

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The Shephers Spy

Article by:

A great resource for Schools and Churches for children and Groups of all ages and sizes

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Reading between the lines

Article by: Glen Scrivener

This beautiful H/B book takes you through the Scripture phrase by phrase in daily reading of Gospel proclamation. Vol 1 will take you through 181 Old Testament Bible reading. These devotions are enlightening and nourishing and easy to read.

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More than Words

Article by: Hannah Dunnett

A beautiful collection of thoughts, poems and pictures.

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The Path Not Chosen

Article by: James Sinclair

This bereavement pack is designed to help those preparing to accompany someone on the long and difficult path of grief. The Guide will equip Pastors, Chaplains, friends and others with advice on how to care for someone suffering a bereavement, answering questions such as "What should I do?", "What should I say?" and "What would help most?". The encouragement is to simply be a friend, to care, to listen, to 'be there', to accept, to know when to speak and when not to.

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Billy Graham - The Christian Life

Article by: Gemma Patterson

Billy Graham has written extensively on the Christian Life. I have chosen three of his most inspiring books to review.

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