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Billy Graham - The Christian Life

Billy Graham has written extensively on the Christian Life. I have chosen three of his most inspiring books to review.

Holy Spirit

Exactly who is the Holy Spirit, and what does He do? In this classic volume, Graham offers a sensitive and comprehensive portrait of this much discussed but often misunderstood member of the trinity

Nearing Home

For the generation that came to Faith through the tent campaigns of Billy Graham, 'Coming Home' gives a poignant and personal view from the man who pioneered that great age of revival evangelism.

In this surprisingly forward looking retrospective, the great evangelist of the 20th & 21st centuries, looks to the future as least as much as it looks to memories of the past. Billy Graham boldly shares his experience of growing in faith and shares with you how, with the benefit of years, you can take a positive perspective on you time here on Earth in the present, within the light of the promise of Heaven.

Hear My Heart

A compilation of wisdom, this remarkable book brings together sermons and articles from the late Billy Graham, as well as tributes from those whose lives were changed.