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God's Politics

Why the American Right gets it wrong and the Left don't get it

In the month of the Inauguration of a new US president I have turned again to this book…written by a leading Christian figure in America, founder of the Sojourners.. a network of Christians working together for justice and peace. Although written with examples from the time of the Iraq wars…it is still very relevant.

Jim Wallis explains that the political Right in the US have, in his view concentrated their energies over the 21st.Century on sexual and cultural issues eg. abortion, war, wealth, gender and crime rather than love, justice, reconciliation and community ..the issues which Jesus and the prophets have always promoted.

He says God is not a Republican or a Democrat and he tries to move away from the politics of complaint to the political morality of setting budgets which favour the poor and vulnerable and address the truth of the state of family, race and community values throughout the country. “God bless America” is not found in the Bible …..favouring the wealthy and spending more on arms than on social justice cannot be the way forward for this great country.

Sue Crabb - Customer